Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Once there was a girl who updated her blog...

That pretty much sums it up, huh?! Sorry blog readers, blogging just isn't real high on my priority list. 

So here's an update!

Halloween was fun, we painted and carved pumpkins (Kase wanted to wear a glove). Then the town does a business trick or treat event so the kids dressed up as Paw Patrol characters (Skye and Marshall).

In November we went to Minneapolis to celebrate my Dads birthday. We went to a Vikings game, to the mall, and ate some yummy food! The little kids enjoyed a few days at Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Random picture, Lydia dipping her French fries in applesauce?!

The kids "helping" Daddy cut down the Christmas tree

Making and eating our first batch of Christmas cookies of the season.

She loves Grandma Donna! ❤️

Yep! Baby #3 is on the way! 😃 due May 25!

First snowfall!

Candy house decorating

Keith and Auntie Rachel took the kids to Boyden for their Christmas celebration. Dad Sietstra (Grandpa) was Santa, Lydia was not impressed...she actually thinks all Santas are Grandpa now 😉 which is perfectly fine with me!

We made Ninja Turtle ornaments

Took a train ride at the mall

Went to Maurice to see the live nativity. Kase LOVED it. Said "this is SO cool Mom" several times! He also thought it was humorous that the Roman guards wanted to "keep" Lydia as ransom.

Merry Christmas!

Look for another update in the next few months ;)


Friday, October 3, 2014

Still here!

Still here! All doing well! Here's an update...

Kase started preschool the end of August. He absolutely loves it! He has a great teacher and has made some great friends. He goes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons. At first the no-nap was a big adjustment, but he seems to be doing better these last few weeks.

Lydia is a trooper and has adjusted well to the schedule. After we bring Kase to school she has a few minutes of brother-free playtime before nap time. Most days I have to wake her up to go pick him up, but she doesn't seem to mind! She loves greeting her big brother when he comes into the van!

Mid-August both Keith and I did a race (10K for Keith, 5K for me) in Rock Valley.

Then mid-September we had races in Omaha. Keith ran the half marathon, and I ran another 5K with my sis-in-law Rachel.

Another fun thing is that Kase started going to weekly gymnastics! He's the only boy in his class, but doesn't seem to mind. This has been a perfect way for him to burn off his endless energy...Tuesday nights are great sleeping nights!

We love bike rides! This year we let Kase ride his own bike alongside us. It's definitely a test of my patience and nerves, but he usually does quite well.

This week was homecoming complete with fun dress-up days!
Monday was Pajama Day

Tuesday was America Day

We love to play dress-up! Don't be fooled, this bottom picture is Lydia!

So, as you can see, all is well, kids are growing fast as kids typically do!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Oh hello

Hey there, remember me? Yep still here, all is well. Big changes happening...we moved! Mid-May we packed up and headed up North and closer to family! It's been a good transition, Keith enjoys his new job (maybe I'll post about that later) and I enjoy staying home with the kiddos while still attempting to work full-time for the school. It's bee an adjustment but we're definitely adjusting well! 

Kase taught Lydia all about Buzz Lightyear

Lydia loves to eat mud

Kase got a Spider-man costume and wears it EVERYWHERE...even while riding his bike downtown

The kids had their first horse rides

Kase turned four and had a visit from Captain America (he was SO thrilled!)

We visited Omaha for our niece/cousin's birthday

We've been to the Splash Pad a few times. Lydia hates it, would rather just lick the water when it's just a trickle. Kase, however, loves it!

She's not a fan of swimming! 

We've had picnics in our backyard park

Kase and I went to see Planes Fire and Rescue...SO excited!!!

A rare pic of Lydia smiling in the pool!

So, we're doing well. I will try and keep more up to date!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mother's Day Week

Today I received THE MOST BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers from an incredibly handsome and sweet boy.


Nevermind the fact that the flowers were weeds, this sweet boy spent time picking them especially for me.  He was beyond thrilled to present them to me, and I was thrilled to accept them.  He has such a sweet and tender heart, he made today a great start to Mother's Day Week.